Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Snowy Wednesday

I can't believe it!! TWO snow days in the same winter! I just love it!

I actually didn't hold out much hope that this storm would bring us enough snow to close the college today. The weather reports actually looked like the worst of it was going to miss our area.

When I woke up at 5:00 this morning, it was a little snowy, but didn't look like it was going to amount to much. Soon, however, larger flakes set in, and the parking lot turned white quickly. Not long after that, I received a phone call from the "snow chain"....we were on a two-hour delay! *YAY!* I decided that I'd just lounge about for a bit, then do a few household chores before heading to the office.

The snow got a little heavier, and I began to wonder if we just might get lucky. Sure enough, another call came from the snow chain....we were closed for the day! Ohboyohboyohboy!!

I promised myself I wasn't going to do any real work today, and I haven't. Just a couple of loads of laundry, and that's not really work. I hadn't intended to cook at all (I have leftovers I could reheat), but remembered that I had a head of cabbage and a can of corned beef. So, I made corned beef and cabbage. I don't do that often, because it's so crammed with fat and salt, but it was ultimate comfort food on this snowy lovely day. *happy sigh*

I told Daddy during a call earlier today that I'm sure that there's not a school child in the county that's any happier than I am on snow days. I actually get a lot of leave from my job, but there's just something wonderful about an unplanned day off like this one.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

Cripes, what a morning. It's been so wild, I had to take a moment or two to clear my head and consume a little more caffeine.

Last night was fun; I always enjoy the Barter, even more when the ticket is a freebie. :-) I was afraid I'd be really tired this morning, but I didn't feel any worse for the wear. (Usually on weeknights I'm asleep by the time I got home last night. *LOL*)

Well, I'd better get my nose back to the grindstone. *sigh*

Monday, February 11, 2008


Tonight I went to the Barter Theatre to see Barbara Bates Smith in Lee Smith's "On Agate Hill". I'd seen her several years ago performing "Ivy Rowe" from Lee Smith's "Fair and Tender Ladies" and enjoyed her very much. Tonight's performance was just wonderful, as well.

Lee Smith's work always makes me a little nostalgic. Her characters always remind me of someone I've known or someone I'm related never fails! So, on the way home from the theatre, I decided to add a little item to my blog called "Meanderings" (link on the right). As I think of some little something that happened in my childhood or some story I heard growing up, I'm going to add it.

Enjoy. :-)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Weekend In With A Cold

When I woke up yesterday morning, I no longer had a question of whether my icky feeling was sinus trouble, allergies, or a cold. It is definitely a COLD. A rotten lousy cold. *sigh* I did the bare minimum household routine and crawled into the recliner with my knitting needles, the remote control, and MeggieDog. When I woke up this morning, I felt a little worse, so I stayed home again today to knit and catch up on some things I'd TiVoed. One of the things I've been recording is a series of Jane Austen novels filmed for television that are running on "Masterpiece Classic" on PBS. I'd already seen "Northanger Abbey" and "Mansfield Park". I'd missed the first of the series, "Persuasion". However our local PBS affiliate reran it the other night, and TiVo caught it for me.

So, this afternoon, fortified by a helping of fresh-out-of-the-oven homemade rice pudding, Meggie and I piled up in the recliner. I picked up my knitting needles and turned on "Persuasion". I knitted through the credits, since I never recognize the names in a BBC production anyway. Just a couple of minutes into the story, though, I recognized a voice. I looked up to see GILES from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". (Kris will be thrilled by this, no doubt. *L*) Just to be sure my eyes weren't deceiving me, I jumped to the end of the program to read the credits. Sure enough....."Sir Walter Elliot - Anthony Head". Son of a gun.

Unfortunately, I had to pause it pretty soon after I recognized him and will finish watching it later. My fever has gone up a little, so I'm going to take a couple of Excedrin and try to nap for a few minutes. I hate a cold.

Friday, February 01, 2008

TGIF....even though it's a RAINY Friday!

I really can't complain about the was coming down in buckets during my drive to work this morning, but virtually stopped when I got to the parking lot, so I walked in without an umbrella. It's a gray, gloomy morning, but we need the rain so badly I don't want to gripe about it.

I've been battling sinus/allergy/cold issues for the past couple of days. A fellow migraine sufferer at the office told me about a headache relief technique she tried this morning that actually worked for her: peppermint oil. I vaguely remembered hearing something about this cure sometime in the murky past but couldn't remember details. She said that she put 5 drops (which turned out to be too much; she recommends starting with 3 drops) of peppermint oil on a hot, damp washcloth and applying it directly to the achy forehead. She said she did it in the shower and just stood there with the minty cloth on her forehead for a few minutes....and it HELPED!! I think I may actually have a bottle of peppermint oil at home. If not, I'm going to get some!

I've had several bad sneezing fits this morning and generally feel like I need a nap. Thus, I'm taking a coffee break to clear my head and make this blog entry. *LOL*

Daddy had the rest of his lower teeth extracted Wednesday and had a lower plate made. He only had nine teeth remaining, and two of them had gone bad and were going to have to be extracted. So, since that got him down to seven lower teeth, he opted to have them removed. I've not seen him yet, but when I talked to him yesterday he wasn't in a terrible amount of pain. He was certainly uncomfortable, but he said he could already tell that it was improving. He was actually able to eat soft foods yesterday, so that's good. Mom says his plate looks very natural. If I'm sure I'm not contagious tomorrow, I want to go down and visit them awhile and see for myself.

Well, I guess I'd better get back to this stack of work on my desk. What I'd actually like to do is go home, drink hot tea, and crawl into the recliner under an afghan with MeggieDog! Oh well....since I've not had an "eating out" meal since last Saturday, maybe when I get off work today I'll treat myself to some Moo Goo Gai Pan take-out with hot and sour soup for supper. That and a cup of good strong, hot tea should certainly help my sinus/allergy/cold/whatever-the-heck-it-is!