Monday, October 17, 2011

My Week Off

Well, my week off didn't work out quite like I'd planned.  I mentioned in my last post that I was going to visit Mom and Dad on Sunday.  I did, and Mom was not feeling well at all, bless her heart.  She had some kind of upper respiratory illness going on that eventually turned into bronchitis that required some steroids and antibiotics to get her cleared up.  She was feeling so bad that she napped a lot during my visit, but I was just glad to see her get some rest.

On Monday, I went to the park as I'd planned and spent a lovely afternoon looking around in the nature center and walking the lakeside trail.  I walked until I needed a little rest, then sat on a bench and knitted while enjoying the fallish temperatures and the beautiful fall colors.

On Tuesday I woke up sick.  I'd caught Mom's "bug" and just felt miserable.  So, from Monday afternoon until this morning I didn't set foot across my threshold.  Never cranked the car.  Didn't even venture out onto my deck!

Stupid virus.

The good news is that Mom's much better, and I felt well enough to return to the office today.  My brief illness (and I wasn't nearly as sick as poor Mom) gave me the opportunity to pile up in the recliner, sip hot tea, knit, and watch a lot of things I'd accumulated on TiVo.

All in all, not a bad week.  :-)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Vacation....AT LAST!!

A week.....I have a WHOLE WEEK away from the office!!  If it didn't involve breaking a sweat, I'd do a happy dance!  Those of you who read this blog on a fairly regular basis know that this has been an unusually difficult year at work for me because of a disasterous computer system conversion.  Because of the extreme workload this year, I wasn't able to take any time off until September.  During that month I managed to take three days off.  That was wonderful, but still not as great as having an entire week that I don't have to worry about the office.

So what am I going to do with this long-awaited week?  As little as humanly possible!!

Yesterday I did so little it was nearly (but not quite) embarrassing.  I'm not a big breakfast eater, so my breakfast is normally coffee with a breakfast bar or instant oatmeal.  But since I'm ON VACATION I treated myself to a cheese omelet.  Which upset my stomach, because I'm not used to something that rich in the morning.  Dunce.  *LOL*

After I'd showered and dressed I settled into my recliner with my trusty netbook on one side of me and my knitting basket on the other side.  Armed with my remote control and a TiVo full of stuff I hadn't had time to watch, I kicked back and made myself ridiculously comfortable.  My motto for the day was:  "The dustbunnies have waiting this long, they can wait awhile longer!"

Because I was still a little unwell at lunch time, I just had a baked sweet potato for lunch.  Hot, delicious, filling, soothing.  I actually intended to take an afternoon nap after lunch, but was never quite able to fall asleep.  All the same, it proved to be a very restful day.....which was much needed and very much appreciated!

Plans for the rest of the week?  No real plans.  I do want to take my car to be serviced one day, and I want to go visit Aunt Orpha one day (she'll be 101 next month!!).  I'm having lunch with Mom and Dad today and hope to go to a nearby park for awhile tomorrow to sit in the sun and knit.  (There's a possibility of rain Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I figured I should try to get to the park before that starts.)

Otherwise, I just want to get some rest and recharge my batteries.  I've waited for this time off for a long time, and I'm going to try to enjoy it!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!