Sunday, October 09, 2011

Vacation....AT LAST!!

A week.....I have a WHOLE WEEK away from the office!!  If it didn't involve breaking a sweat, I'd do a happy dance!  Those of you who read this blog on a fairly regular basis know that this has been an unusually difficult year at work for me because of a disasterous computer system conversion.  Because of the extreme workload this year, I wasn't able to take any time off until September.  During that month I managed to take three days off.  That was wonderful, but still not as great as having an entire week that I don't have to worry about the office.

So what am I going to do with this long-awaited week?  As little as humanly possible!!

Yesterday I did so little it was nearly (but not quite) embarrassing.  I'm not a big breakfast eater, so my breakfast is normally coffee with a breakfast bar or instant oatmeal.  But since I'm ON VACATION I treated myself to a cheese omelet.  Which upset my stomach, because I'm not used to something that rich in the morning.  Dunce.  *LOL*

After I'd showered and dressed I settled into my recliner with my trusty netbook on one side of me and my knitting basket on the other side.  Armed with my remote control and a TiVo full of stuff I hadn't had time to watch, I kicked back and made myself ridiculously comfortable.  My motto for the day was:  "The dustbunnies have waiting this long, they can wait awhile longer!"

Because I was still a little unwell at lunch time, I just had a baked sweet potato for lunch.  Hot, delicious, filling, soothing.  I actually intended to take an afternoon nap after lunch, but was never quite able to fall asleep.  All the same, it proved to be a very restful day.....which was much needed and very much appreciated!

Plans for the rest of the week?  No real plans.  I do want to take my car to be serviced one day, and I want to go visit Aunt Orpha one day (she'll be 101 next month!!).  I'm having lunch with Mom and Dad today and hope to go to a nearby park for awhile tomorrow to sit in the sun and knit.  (There's a possibility of rain Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I figured I should try to get to the park before that starts.)

Otherwise, I just want to get some rest and recharge my batteries.  I've waited for this time off for a long time, and I'm going to try to enjoy it!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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