Saturday, January 29, 2011

January's Almost Gone

January has been a strange month in my neck of the woods. Since we returned to work after the holidays on January 3, the college has closed for snow two full days, closed early two days, and opened on a snow schedule (2 hours late) FIVE days. And we had a holiday in there, too. That means we've had an altered schedule on ten days....out of twenty days. HALF OF THEM. Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh.

Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy a paid day off from work as much as anyone, better than most. But January's a really busy month in my office, and all that time off has really wreaked havoc. February, therefore, is going to be a bear as well.

I was really tired last night and expected to have a good night's sleep. It started out well, but I woke up about 2:00 am and was awake for an hour or so. I don't rest well when I sleep in a "split shift" like that, so I'm tired this morning. I should be up and at it and well into my household routine by now, but I'm not. That's okay. It'll wait for me. :-)

I think I'll plan my day before I start. So much time in the kitchen. So much time knitting. So much time in the dining room. So much time knitting. So much time dusting. so much time knitting. See a pattern developing here? *LOL*

You see, for the past couple of weeks, I've just not been in a knitting mood. You'd think with all the "snow time" I'd have been knitting up a storm, but I just haven't been doing it. This morning, though, I feel the need to feel wool in my hands, so I'm going to make that part of today's plan.

It's going to be really nice out today....sunny and 50 degrees. But I have too much housework to catch up on to let myself go out and play. Tomorrow. I'll go out in the sunshine tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Lists

Ten things I'm tired of:
  1. Temperatures below 30 degrees
  2. Wind chill
  3. Snow
  4. Ice
  5. Sleet
  6. My car being encrusted with salt
  7. Bundling up every time I go outside
  8. Watching the Weather Channel
  9. Crowds at the grocery store buying milk and bread
  10. Stiff joints from cold weather
Ten things I'm grateful for:
  1. An employer that closes when the roads are dangerous
  2. A car that will start in cold weather
  3. Knowledge of how to knit warm scarves, hats and mittens
  4. A large yarn stash
  5. A well-stocked pantry
  6. An endless supply of movies to watch, thanks to Netflix
  7. A warm, cozy apartment
  8. Flannel jammies
  9. Apartment management that does their best to keep the parking lots and sidewalks safe
  10. The internet

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sick O' Winter

If you've had any doubt whatsoever, here's my official statement: I'm sick of winter. I'm sick of bitter cold mornings (5 degrees here right now). I'm sick of snow. Yes, me. The one who's always been so excited about snow days. Sick. Of. Snow. I told Daddy the other day that I'd give a $20 bill to see a crocus pushing up out of the ground.


Oh well. Nothing we can do about the weather but bundle up, pay the big heating bills, and wait for Spring.

Now, it's been a long time since I've blogged, so let's catch up a bit.

Mom's aneurysm surgery on December 20 went just beautifully, thank goodness! They were able to perform the surgery through her femoral arteries, so there were only two small incisions. She was uncomfortable after surgery, but only because she was having some hip joint pain from being on the operating table. They kept her in ICU overnight as a precaution, but released her from the hospital the next morning without even putting her in a regular room. We had her home by 10:00 am!

She had her follow-up exam this past Wednesday, and her surgeon is very pleased with her progress. Everything looks just great!

Our Christmas was quiet, but very nice. We were expecting bad weather (so what else is new?), so I stayed at Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve. We had a lovely holiday; I made my way back home on Christmas afternoon, and the weather turned ugly very soon after.

I went back to work on Monday (January 3), and the week was VERY difficult. Lots and lots to do, many deadlines to meet, and not much time to do it! Another round of winter weather moved in Friday, and we actually closed at 1:00 that afternoon. After a quick stop at Kroger for provisions, I hurried home and watched it snow. Yesterday afternoon, the sun began popping out from time to time. It would snow awhile, then the sun would come out, then it would snow awhile longer. Strange weather day!

This morning, it's bitterly cold, but the sun is shining. Since there's another winter storm scheduled to move in late tonight, I'm going to go down to visit Mom and Dad while this afternoon.

Yup. Definitely sick o' winter.