Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Thrilling Week

First of all, last weekend's Netflix disk wasn't "Black Swan", it was "Winter's Bone". Good movie, great performances, but nearly painful to watch. Such strength in a young woman, such a terrible thing that such strength was needed!

This week has thus far proven to be another very trying one at the office. And this is only Tuesday. *ick* So much to do, so little time! I'm writing this during my lunch break, and as soon as I finish here I'm going to escape to the world of knitting for a few rows.

Thank goodness for sticks and string!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Is Good

Friday....oh, how I adore Friday evening! The work week is finished, and it's TWO WHOLE DAYS before I have to think about work again! *happy dance*

Tired? Oh yeah. But I'm kicked back in the recliner, netbook in my lap, knitting nearby, and an unopened Netflix envelope on top of the entertainment center. "Black Swan", I think. I've kind of forgotten what was next in my queue! *LOL*

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate what knitting does for me? For awhile I was so exhausted from the horrific workload at the office that I was too tired to knit when I got home. I missed it so much. I've found that knitting centers me. Since I've been able to spend a little time with my needles and wool, I find that I sleep better and am much more rested in the morning. Busy hands, calmer mind.

Of course, Mom says it wouldn't have that effect on her....*LOL* She's never been interested in crochet or knitting. She can sew, but only does it when necessary. It's not something she's ever really enjoyed. She has other interests, but needlework just isn't on her list.

As for me, I think I'll wrap up this blog entry, pop in the Netflix disk, and knit until I'm sleepy. Have a great Friday night, everyone!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sorta Kinda Normal

Finally. The overtime at the office is finally over. At least for now. The new system is still a piece of junk, but I think the worst of the backlog is behind us. I still have some catch-up to do, and it's time to do the end-of-the-fiscal-year extra work, but the 60-70 hour workweeks are finished, I think. I hope. (Hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that!!)

A couple of weeks ago I was in the recliner with my little netbook, checking out Facebook to see what was going on in the lives of my friends. Suddenly, the netbook shut down with no warning. "Weird", I thought. "It ususally WARNS me if the battery is getting low." I pulled the adapter out of a nearby drawer and plugged it into the wall. Nothing. Dead as a hammer.

After I'd tried everything I knew to try (including fishing out an adapter from a long-defunct laptop computer and trying it in case my netbook adapter had gone dead), I still couldn't get the netbook to power up.

I e-mailed Acer from my desktop computer and over the next couple of days followed their instructions of various things to try. No good. They gave me a case number and an address to use to ship the netbook in for diagnostics.

Feeling a pang of separation anxiety, I boxed up my little purple netbook and shipped it to Texas via FedEx. Acer notified me when it arrived and gave me a site where I could keep up with the progress on my case. Happily, it was repaired and shipped back to me in short order.

Because it was under warranty, all the repair cost me was the expense (minimal) to ship it to Acer. So this morning I'm happily piled up in the recliner with a cup of coffee, netbook in my lap, reloading things on the netbook.

Acer rocks. :-)