Saturday, June 02, 2012

Progress....Slowly But Surely

My Broken Leg

This past Wednesday, I went back to the orthopaedic surgeon's office to see his PA and learned that the gap in my break is a little larger than it was. She contacted the surgeon in the operating room (!) and had him look at the new x-rays. He said that the increase in the gap is caused by the formation of new tissue where the bone is healing, and that it's normal. (*whew*) So, I am to continue doing what I'm doing and they will x-ray it again on July 2 to see how I'm progressing. There's still a possibility that they'll have to put a plate in it, but they're still hopeful that it will heal properly without surgery. I'm hoping, too!!

I spent some time today knitting myself a cover for my cast.  There were a couple of reasons for this:  1) the bottom of the cast is beginning to look a little rough, and 2) I thought it might be more comfortable if I had something a little more cushioned on the back of my leg when I have it propped up.  Also, when my leg swells duirng the day, the top of the Aircast tends to bite into my skin a big.  So, when I knit the cover, I made little pockets at the top to slip over the top edges of the cast, making it a little more comfortable.  The cover is a very large version of a "plain vanilla sock" that I like to knit, adjusted as needed to the contours of the cast.  It turned out pretty well.  I'm going to use it a few days before starting another to see if I need to make any modifications.

Cast Cover

It's hard to believe I can be tired, since I really didn't exert myself a lot today, but I find that my stamina still isn't quite what it should be.  Walking on crutches seems to take a lot out of me.  So off to bed I go.   I hope you're all having a great weekend!