Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Adventures in Wal-Mart

There are two Wal-Mart stores in my town. From my home it's actually a little closer to the Wal-Mart #2. But the Wal-Mart #1 is on the way home from work, so it's been getting most of my business for years.

However, I think that's coming to an end. Why? Several reasons. One is that Wal-Mart #1 has one of the most dangerous parking lots I've ever encountered. There are several restaurants and other businesses (including a Sam's Club) sharing the entrances and exits, and it's a real nightmare. I don't think I've ever been in that parking lot without at least one close call.

Another reason is that very few "associates" in Wal-Mart #1 seem to care if you need help or not. Yesterday I stopped in to pick up a "Site-to-Store" order (Daddy's Father's Day gift). It was the first time I'd used this service, and it worked well. Until I got to the store to pick it up. I stopped in at Customer Service to find out where I needed to pick up the package. I actually did get courteous instructions from the young woman on where the Site-to-Store pickup area was located, and thanked her. However, when I arrived at the pickup area, no one seemed interested in helping me. As instructed, I pressed a screen at the register and received a message that an associate was on the way to assist me. Four associates walked right past me without so much as looking my direction. Another associate came to the register, smiled at me, took a notebook from under the counter and did something with it, replaced the notebook, smiled again and left. She never ONCE asked if I needed assistance. I pressed the screen again. Another associate came from another area and asked if anyone was helping me. When I told her that several people had walked past, but no one was helping, she was very nice about retrieving my package and making sure that I'd received the item I'd ordered. The next time I use Site-to-Store, it'll be shipped to the OTHER Wal-Mart.

One of the biggest reasons I'll be using the other Wal-Mart is that the temperature in Wal-Mart #1 is HOT. Year round. Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall, I come out of that store soaked in perspiration. Now I'll be the first to admit that I warm up easily, but I'm able to shop comfortably in all other retail stores in the area, so why do I melt down every time I go into that Wal-Mart? I've complained about the heat repeatedly and am always told that the temperature in their store is set in the home office. Maybe the home office should watch the Weather Channel once in awhile.

Oh well. Enough griping for one post. *LOL* At least Daddy's gift was what I ordered, and seems to work as I'd hoped.

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