Friday, November 04, 2011

16,100 Miles

Google Maps says it's 16,100 miles from my house to the home of my Australian daughters (one daughter by birth, a second daughter by a stroke of very good luck).  Tonight, that distance seems unspeakably far.

My daughter Kris is in the hospital.  She had to have her thyroid removed a couple of days ago, and her hospital stay turned out to be longer than anticipated because of issues with her calcium level.  She called me early this morning (Friday evening her time) with the sad news that one of their beloved cats, Winchester, had been killed.

She was devastated.  Not only was she not home (where she thought she'd be by that time), but dear little Winchester was gone.

To make matters worse, tomorrow's her birthday.  In fact, it's already her birthday in her time zone, and she's still in the hospital.  And very upset about losing Winchester.  As she put it in a Facebook post, "Worst birthday ever :*(".

Australia never seemed so far away.

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