Monday, July 22, 2013

Another New Toy

You've probaby noticed that I've not been blogging much lately....I blame my Kindle Fire.  It's terrific for Facebooking, web surfing, playing games, Skype, etc., but I'm not fond of long text entries using the onscreen keyboard.  It works fine, mind you, but I'm unbelievably slow using it.

So, I bought myself a bluetooth keyboard which arrived by UPS just a few minute ago.  Hooray!  Now I can type again!  *LOL*

Therefore, you may be hearing from me more often.  Not that you've been missing much.  Life is as usual with one happy exception:  Tilly has made herself quite at home in my life, and we've become bosom buddies.  The little cat who seemed standoffish in the beginning has become a very affectionate little companion.

This evening I'm having some back pain (overextended it Saturday night putting some things away in the closet like a dunce), so I'll make this a quick entry.  More later when I'm a bit more comfortable.

Aren't new toys the BEST?  :-)

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