Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Dr. K's office called to tell us to expect a call from Dr. B. She cautioned me that if we did not hear from them early in the day, I should call Dr. B's office. Over the course of the day, I called three times and left voicemail for Dr. B's assistant, but received no reply. I called Dr. K's office; they couldn't reach anything but voicemail either. After I left the third voicemail, I called Dr. B's office again and explained to their receptionist that I hadn't reached anything but voicemail all day. She gave me another number to try; it turns out that the number she gave me was form Dr. B's insurance clerk, who couldn't help us. She said I needed to talk to Dr. B's assistant; I explained that I'd left three voicemails, but had no reply. She asked me to hold a moment; the next voice I heard was Dr. B himself. I explained that Dr. K's office had told us to expect a call; Dr. B said he'd talked to Dr. K and would be glad to take care of Randy, but that he wanted to talk to me first. I said that would be fine; Dr. B proceeded to tell he that he wasn't going to have anyone yelling at his staff. I was stunned, and told him I hadn't yelled at anyone. He curtly informed me that his office would contact Randy to make an appointment. I waited a few minutes, then called the insurance clerk to ask if I owed her an apology. She said no, that I was fine. She had just told Dr. B's assistant that I was upset because no one had returned my calls. The assistant apparently wrongly assumed I'd yelled, and told Dr. B as much. Later, the assistant called Randy and gave us an appointment for Tuesday, Oct. 28. Randy was upset because Dr. B had spoken so rudely to me. I told him that I deal with jerks every day, and one more wouldn't make any difference. As long as Dr. B took care of Randy, I could get along with him.

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