Friday, October 31, 2003

Randy saw Dr. P (cardiologist) at 10:00 for a follow-up on his cath site; all was well. Dr. K's office called Randy and told him they'd finally heard from Dr. B. They will call him as soon as they have more information. They said we should check the films out at BRMC to bring them to the neurosurgeon in Johnson City, and that she'd call us Monday with an appointment for the neurosurgeon. Randy told Dr. K's nurse that he's having trouble sleeping. She said we'd have to call Dr. R (internal medicine) for a prescription. We made repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact Dr. R; our calls were continually routed to a "nurse's line". Our call was finally returned by Dr. R's nurse about 5:30. She had only received one message, and that wasn't until Dr. R had already left for the day. She said either she or Dr. R would contact Randy Monday morning without fail.

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