Thursday, November 06, 2003

Randy received a call at 10:29 from Dr. B's office telling him that surgery was scheduled in Bristol for Wednesday, November 12 to relocate his shunt. Randy told them we had an appointment in Johnson City to see about having surgery done there. They said if he decides to have surgery in Johnson City to call and let them know; otherwise he should come to Dr. B's office Friday to preregister for surgery. 1:00: Arrived at Dr. W's office and found that his office is next door to Dr. K's (cardiac surgeon). Staff was very friendly and handled all questions in a prompt, courteous manner. We were seen on schedule. Both Dr. W and his assistant were knowledgable and answered all our questions. Dr. W's opinion was that two separate surgeries would not reduce the infection risk unless there was a year between the two surgeries. Dr. W said he would confer with Dr. K on Friday and come to a final decision about whether one or two surgeries would be necessary. He said we would hear from either his office or Dr. K's when the decision was final.

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