Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Nearly two weeks since I've written....time flies when you're swamped! Randy has now had all his staples and stitches removed and is doing just beautifully. His cardiac surgeon is really pleased with him. They sent a notice to cardiac rehab in Bristol to contact us. I asked if they'd be able to set up his rehab visits after my work hours; the cardiac nurse said she wasn't sure, but if they weren't able to we shouldn't worry about it. We should just go walk. Randy's been walking and is getting stronger all the time. His biggest complaint is that the hair growing back on his chest is all itchy and aggravating. We have an appointment to see his neurologist on the 23rd.

Christmas shopping is finished (I hope) and wrapping's all done. I've already exchanged gifts with my friends at work. Made homemade fudge (chocolate and peanut butter) Sunday afternoon while Randy was "Mom-sitting" while Sharon & Bill went shopping.

I've tried to get in bed early for the past several nights without any luck. I announced during a phone call to Randy earlier today that this evening, regardless of whether anyone wants to come visit or not, I'm going to go home, eat a hot dog, and go to BED. Anyone who drops by unannounced will be deprived of the pleasure of my company!!

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