Friday, April 16, 2004

I nearly forgot I HAD this blog....*hanging head in shame* It's been a rough year so far. My uncle fell from a ladder the Saturday after New Year's and passed away on January 12. He was living in Arizona, but they brought him back here for entombment in the same cemetary where my grandparents were laid to rest. It was a stressful time, of course.

Seems there's been a series of one virus or another all spring, and I swear I think Randy or I (or BOTH of us) have had every dang one of them. I was on the elevator with someone the other day who commented that we were really SUPPOSED to be climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator. I said, "Hey, in the last two weeks I've had a 9-day cold and a 3-day stomach flu. The LAST thing I care about right now is how much exercise I'm getting!"

Right now I'm just concentrating on making it through next week. Then I'm on vacation for a week! *YAY* THAT should help! Okay, enough whining and complaining for now. :-)

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