Thursday, July 15, 2004

A month since my last posting....oh, yeah, I'm GREAT at blogging! *LOL*

They finally fixed my a/c at the office, so that's much better.

Latest adventure on the home front: When Randy and I bought our season passes to Dollywood, they sent us two passes to admit a child free to the Kid's Fest festival. So, Randy asked his ex-wife if she thought it would be okay to plan to take his granddaughter, Sky, to Dollywood.

We checked my schedule and the expiration dates on the passes and found that Saturday, July 10 would be the date to take her. Weeks before the trip, I reserved a room in Pigeon Forge for the evening of the 9th so we could go down, get a good night's rest, and hit the park as soon as the gates were open.

Sky lives in North Carolina, so Randy planned to go down on Wednesday night, spend the night, then bring Sky back to our place Thursday so he wouldn't have to do the 3-hour drive twice in one day. When Thursday came, Sky refused to come back with him, saying she'd "just stay here".

So, since it was too late to cancel the hotel reservation, Randy and I went to Pigeon Forge as scheduled. We did a little shopping Friday afternoon, drove part of the way to the top of the mountain (it was pouring rain, so we turned around and came back), had a nice dinner, and got a good night's sleep. As planned, we were at the park as soon as it opened.

Soon after we arrived, heaps of parents with scads of screaming little kids (it WAS Kid Fest, after all) arrived. The heat and the crowds soon did us in. I said, "You know, the lovely thing about having season passes is we don't HAVE to stay all day if we don't want to." So, after we rode a few rides (all the shows that started early in the day were kiddie shows), we headed out and came back home.

Our excuse was it was too hot, too crowded, and we missed the dog. *LOL*

As it turns out, I guess it was best all way 'round that Sky decided not to come. Next time, we'll schedule a visit with us at home so there won't be any reservation expense if she backs out on us!

And next year if Dollywood sends us kid's passes, I'M BURNING THEM!!

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