Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Waitin' for the Weekend

We're going back to Grindstone this weekend. We had such a good time on our last trip; I hope this trip goes as well.

The last time we went, I had a four-day weekend, but this will only be a three-day weekend. I think that will be fine, though.

The last trip was a learning experience, and I've adjusted what we'll take along on this trip. I'm sure we'll learn still more this trip out. For instance, Daddy and I learned some things about setting up the tent last time that will make it easier for me this time. Also, I've replaced my ancient clunky cooler with a smaller one that will work out much better.

On our first trip, Mom and Dad loaned me their old screen tent to put over our picnic table. I really appreciated it (especially since we had so much rain that trip), but it's pretty hard to set up. In fact, Mom, Dad, Randy and I all worked on it. I told them I was grateful for the loan, but there was no way that Randy and I would be able to set it up by ourselves. Randy and I planned to buy a new easier-to-set-up screen tent before our next camping trip. The next day, Mom and Dad told me that they'd decided to get me an early birthday present, a new screen tent like theirs! So now, in my closet with the rest of my camping gear, is a brand-new, never-taken-out-of-its-storage-bag screen tent. It's designed to be set up quickly and easily by two people. After looking at Mom and Dad's, I think I could even set it up alone if I needed to. I'm anxious to get it out of the bag and set it up the first time.

I'm debating over whether or not to take MeggieDog along this trip. I'm watching the weather forecasts before making my final decision. She's so desperately afraid of thunderstorms that I don't want to put her in a tent during one. If the weather cooperates, though, I might just add a small supply of Little Bites to the provisions and take her along. :-)

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