Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year

The sun is coming up as I write this....well, I THINK it's coming up. This morning the skies are gray and a skiff of snow has dusted the grass and sidewalks in my little corner of the world. As I look out on the shiny parking lot (is it wet or is that black ice?), I'm very grateful that I don't have to go to the office today. The temperature is hovering right around freezing, so I'm happy to be at the keyboard in my flannel jammies, hot mug of tea by my side.

I've had a great holiday break so far. I had problems during the first part of the break with my sleep pattern being all out of whack (waking up progressively earlier each day), but I think (I hope) I have that straightened out now. I forced myself to stay awake on New Year's Eve until the ball dropped in Times Square. (It's been AGES since I've been awake past 10:00 on New Year's Eve!) That allowed me to sleep in until 7:00 am New Year's Day. So, last night I was in bed at 10:00, which is normal for me. I was awake this morning at 5:00, which is within 30 minutes of normal for me. I can settle happily for that.

My plans for the day? Nothing spectacular. I have a few little household chores to go through, but I don't plan to do anything much other than watch the latest Netflix arrival. It's going to be a cold, wet day, so I think it's a day to pile up, watch movies, sip tea, read a bit, and burn a DuraFlame log in the fireplace. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

I just heard Meggie go through her "first stretch and shake of the day". I can tell because I hear her ears flap against the side of her head when she shakes. That means she'll be getting off the bed to go have a sip of water and a few crunches of dog food for breakfast. That also means I must get up from here so I can get the bed made before she goes to get back on it. *L* I wish you all a very Happy New Year a day late. :-)

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