Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

I'm trying to branch out into knitting something other than scarves, but something I can actually DO. That doesn't actually leave a large selection of projects, since I'm still a beginner. *LOL*

I have been knitting some dishcloths (small, portable, nice gifts) in various designs just to get the practice of the basic stitches without tying myself up with a huge project. Here's one I knitted last weekend as a gift for a kitty-loving friend:

As you can see, the piece hasn't been blocked. In fact I haven't even woven in the ends yet. I'll get that done (on this piece and the others pictured) tonight, I hope.

Here are a couple of dishcloths I knitted for another friend:

I like the butterfly a lot, but probably won't knit the "hummingbird in flight" again. It's okay, but it's not pretty enough, I think.

If I want to do "mindless knitting" (for instance, while watching a movie I really have to WATCH), I do a really simple dishcloth pattern I found on the internet listed as the "idiot dishcloth"....*LOL* I've also seen it listed as "Granny's dishcloth" and other variations. I think it would make a lovely baby blanket (doggie blanket, too) by just making it larger. I've got one started, but have other things I want to finish first.

For instance, last night I started a doggie sweater for MeggieDog. It's started well, but I have a looooong way to go. It may never see the light of day. *L*

I also have some crochet projects I need to finish....for instance, the rug I'm making for my tent from plastic grocery bags.

So much I want to do.....so little spare time. *sigh* I just don't understand those people who won't retire because they're afraid they're going to be BORED. Not me. The only thing that might slow me down from retiring is fear of poverty! I have LOTS of things I can do when I retire!!

Ah well....time to get back to work. Lunch break seemed to zip right by today!

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margee said...

Love your projects. Will have to finish mine so I can post them *LOL* I do have an experimental scarf I finished. I wouldn't wear it, but someone might. (Adding inventory for future at home business) (i hope)