Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chainfree Bristol

I forgot to tell you something important in my earlier post! On Friday September 10 I participated in the National Day of Service by spending some time with a great organization in my hometown called Chainfree Bristol. This terrific grassroots organization supplies the necessary materials and organizes volunteers to build fenced areas for doggies to live in.

The highly dedicated Liza Conway was moved to action when she saw sweet doggies in our fair city who were living their lives restrained by chains.Her quest was not easy. She was faced with slammed doors, name calling, and was even chased down the street. When she approached owners of chained dogs, she offered to pay for fencing materials and gather volunteers to build a safe fenced area for the pet. All she asked in return was that the pet owner either be the owner of the property on which the fence would be built (or have the permission of the property owner), have their pet spayed or neutered, and agree that the pet would never again be chained. Sounds simple, right?

Unbelievably, some owners stuck on the requirement that the pet be spayed or neutered. These people would rather that their dog live out their life inhumanely chained. Weird.

Anyway, Liza finally found an appreciative pet owner who happily agreed to her requirements. She bought the necessary materials, rounded up some volunteers (some of which were from my place of employment, including me), and we spent that Friday afternoon building a safe fenced enclosure big enough for two adorable doggies, CiCi and Tippy. When we'd finished the fencing and moved their doghouses into the area, they romped happily, free from their chains, rolling in the grass and having a grand time.

I have to tell you, it was a wonderful feeling watching them enjoy their newfound freedom. If you have some free time to help or a few dollars you could donate for fencing materials, contact Liza at liza@chainfreebristol.org. It's a very worthy cause.

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