Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Arrival, A New System, and Finally A Break

This little doll is my brand-new grand-niece, Emily Grace. Isn't she lovely? She arrived on February 10, and mother and daughter are doing fine, thank goodness. I look at this photograph of her sleeping peacefully and wish I could rest like that again. *sigh*

So far, except for the good news about Emily's arrival, February has sucked like a Hoover. I kid you not. I've been coming home from work, fixing myself a bit of dinner, and going to bed ridiculously early because I'm just plain exhausted. I've even been too tired to knit, and THAT'S TIRED!

Why, you ask? Because we're learning a new computer system at work. We were in training for four solid days last week, and it was a total nightmare. From all indications, it won't reduce our workload (and will, in fact, increase it). It's not any easier than our current system. It takes more processes to achieve the same results. Seems counterproductive, right?

But we're doing it anyway. Phooey. It makes me tired just to think about it. And THAT is the last I'm going to think about it for three glorious days. I must say that I've never been happier to see a three-day weekend in my life!!

Now, what shall I do with this glorious three-day weekend? Well, tomorrow my aunt and uncle are coming to visit for the day, so that will be a really nice way to spend Saturday. It's always great to see them, and I'm looking forward to their visit.

On Sunday, I may take a "recliner day"....just pile up with the remote control, a Netflix movie I haven't gotten around to watching yet, and some knitting. Just relax and recharge my batteries. Mmmmm, sounds good!

On Monday I really need to do some cleaning. I've worked the past two weekends, so my apartment is looking pretty dreadful. So I should clean. Really. I should. Of course, knitting is also an option. *LOL* Maybe I'll clean awhile, then knit a bit, then clean awhile longer. That sounds like the best plan yet.

So, friends, I'm sorry I've been neglecting my blogging. But I really HAVE been tired, honest. I'll try to do better. Happy President's Day Weekend!

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