Sunday, March 06, 2011

Where's That Stupid Groundhog??

Today we had a completely unexpected snowfall. When I watched the local newscast this morning, they were predicting a rainy day with highs in the mid-50s.

Today is Mom's birthday, and I'd planned to go visit her and Dad this afternoon. Imagine my surprise when I opened my apartment door to leave and found that it was flurrying! I called Mom to see if they needed me to bring anything from town as I came down, and she told me the ground was already white there. (They live about 10 minutes from me!)

Moments later the snow began in earnest, large wet flakes that accumulated quickly. Halfway to Mom and Dad's I seriously considered turning around and going back home.

The snow fell fast and furious. There were probably a couple of inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground by the time it stopped. Luckily, it soon melted off the roadway surfaces, so my drive home was safe. When I left their house, though, it was spitting very fine snow again.

Weird. A snow that measurable hardly ever sneaks past the local forecasters that handily!

Makes me glad to be back home, safe and sound, snug in my apartment with the icky weather locked outside.

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