Sunday, May 15, 2011


Folks who read my blog pretty regularly know a couple of things about me: 1) I've been working a lot of hours at the office lately, and 2) I love rainy Sunday afternoons. So here's what makes those two facts relevant to this blog entry....I'm actually NOT WORKING today, and it's been a lovely, rainy, quiet, restful afternoon.

So what have I done with this blissful day off? Happily, not much. I've watched some things I'd TiVo'd during the week and have been knitting a bit while watching. I have a Netflix DVD, "The King's Speech", which I finally got to watch this afternoon. Wonderful movie. Have I mentioned that I adore Colin Firth?

Another movie I've watched since I blogged last is "Hereafter". I liked it, too. It's not what I expected, but that happens to me often with Clint Eastwood's movies. Unexpected, but good.

Now, what shall I do with the rest of this lovely, restful Sunday? I have the first two episodes of a PBS Masterpiece Classic series, "South Riding" TiVo'd that I've not watched yet. I think I'll watch that, knit a bit more, and go to bed early.

Sometimes life is just good.

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