Saturday, September 01, 2012

International Bacon Day

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You GOTTA love the internet.  If I didn't have Twitter, how else would I have known about International Bacon Day?  *LOL*  In celebration, I plan to spend my Saturday afternoon enjoying Kevin Bacon DVDs (Mystic River, Apollo 13, Murder in the First, Stir of Echoes) and knitting.  I would have celebrated further by enjoying a BLT for lunch, but middle-age has robbed me of the ability to enjoy most breakfast meats, including bacon and sausage.  *sigh*

Oh well, in the absence of a BLT I will treat myself to one of my favorite comfort food lunches: tomato soup and crackers.  I'm currently going through one of those "spells" in which I don't seem to be able to tolerate any kind of meat.  I had chili last night, which tasted wonderful, but was quite ill for awhile.  Maybe I'll make myself some meatless chili later using the leftovers from my tomato soup lunch.

I SHOULD be doing some more cleaning in my bedroom.  I chased a few dustbunnies in there this morning, but there's still much to do.  Perhaps I should rethink my planned afternoon of knitting.  My conscience will be easier to live with if I move the Bacon DVD Marathon to the DVD player in the bedroom and actually do some more cleaning while I'm enjoying the always delectable Kevin Bacon.  ;-)

Oh, I wanted to mention that a friend brought to my attention a wonderfully dark, brooding television series that's currently running on Netflix, Durham County.  She knew that I enjoyed "The Killing" on AMC and suspected I'd like this one as well.  I've watched two episodes so far, and she was right.....I'm liking it a lot!

So, off I go to open a can of tomato version of gourmet cooking.  *LOL*

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!

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