Thursday, April 25, 2013

Things I Wonder About

Such a busy, busy month it's been!  My Aussie family arrived on March 28, which also happened to be my parents' 60th wedding anniversary.

My visitors were able to stay until April 19, and we had a perfectly wonderful time!  My sweet six-month-old grandson, Nio, seemed to grow daily while they were here.  In three short weeks, he cut a tooth (his second), learned to sit up unsupported, learned to scoot backward, learned that standing up is more fun than sitting down, and began to call me "Nan-Nan".  *sigh*  I sure miss them!!

I was able to take some time off and worked only 5 days during the time they were here.  Of course, I've paid dearly for that since I returned to work Monday but I'll try not to whine too much about that.  *LOL*

I'm awfully tired this evening, so this long-overdue blog entry will be regrettably brief.  Before I close, though, I find myself wondering about a few things:
  1. Will Nio recognize my voice the next time I speak to him on the phone?  (maybe)
  2. Will I cry if he doesn't?  (probably)
  3. Is my Aussie family having fun on their trip to Fiji?  (I hope so)
  4. Does every owner of a Kindle Fire love theirs as much as I do mine?  (probably)
  5. Will I regret my recent decision to order a set of plum-colored luggage?  (I hope not)
  6. Will I have enough hand-dyed yarn to complete the entrelec beret I'm knitting?  (I really, REALLY hope so)
Okay, enough wondering for tonight.  :-)

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