Monday, June 02, 2008

A Long Ugly Weekend

I look forward to my weekends so much that I really resent it when I don't feel well on a weekend. Well, this past weekend was the pits to say the least.

On Friday morning I woke after a fitful night's sleep (asleep one hour, awake two, etc.) and decided to go get my errands run. So I made a trip "around the block"....K-Mart, Kroger, Walgreens....and came back home to unload my purchases. When I was in K-Mart, the temperature was HOT in the store. I'd arrived very shortly after the store opened and the air conditioning was turned on after I got there. When I went to Kroger, their store was very cold, but I was still feeling kind of clammy by the time I'd finished shopping. I wasn't feeling well by the time I finished in Walgreens.

I talked to Mom on the phone, fixed myself a little lunch, and sat down for a bit. Unfortunately, my lunch didn't stay down. *yuck* I spent most of the afternoon in the recliner. By suppertime, I felt hungry, so I fixed myself a small steak and baked potato. I didn't even finish it. Sick again. *sigh*

Saturday I was able to keep food down, but felt just awful all day long, feverish and miserable. *bored, bored, BORED* Sunday I felt a little better, but was achy and weak.

Luckily I felt well enough to go to work this morning, but am really tired now. Of course, it was a pretty difficult Monday in the office and that didn't help. This is definitely going to be a "salad for supper, go to bed early" night at my place. I'm sure Meggie won't mind. *G*

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