Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday Weirdness and the Loss of Carlin

Daddy had a strange Saturday morning. A friend of his had invited him to go to an equipment sale in Hiawassee, Georgia. They planned an early start and left about 5:30 Saturday morning. They were on Interstate 26 and had just crossed into North Carolina when a deer hopped across a concrete barrier separating north-bound from south-bound lanes and directly in front of the truck.

Thankfully, the deer died instantly; however, the friend's truck was damaged so badly that they had to call his father to bring his flatbed to haul the truck back to Bristol! Daddy estimated the damage to be $4,000 - $5,000. After seeing the truck, I think his guess is probably pretty close.

So, the trip to Hiawassee came to a sudden stop! Luckily, no one in the truck was injured. The only problem any of them had was that Daddy found a tick on him (probably from moving the deer out of the road). After he got home, he immediately removed his clothing and took a hot shower with strong deodorant soap to discourage any ticks from hanging around. Mom found a tick in the floor where his clothes were piled. *full body shudder*

George Carlin is gone. Not only is it strange to think of the loss of his lovely wry view of the world, but I had a few moments of feeling really old when I realized I can only remember six of the "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television". *sigh*

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