Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stupid Groundhog

Yes, yes I know. I'm usually an animal lover. But, so help me I'm sick and tired of that stupid groundhog seeing his stupid shadow and subjecting us to SIX MORE WEEKS OF STUPID WINTER.

Actually I am completely aware that it's just a tradition and that Punxatawny Phil has nothing to do with how much more winter we're going to have. But it's good to finally have a target at which to direct my frustration with this cold, gray, snowy winter. Our local meteorologist reported last night that we'd had 19.1 inches of snow so far this season, and our season average is 15 inches. And we've got about 2 more months of "season" left. *sigh* (I've actually seen it snow here in April, but that's not normal.)

I'm just so tired of having to be bundled up to go outside. Remember Ralphie's little brother Randy in "A Christmas Story"? "I can't put my ARMS down!" *ROTF* That's how I feel. And I admit to being a little paranoid about icy sidewalks and parking lots. After having surgery in November I figure that the last thing I need is to fall and damage all the good work my surgeon did.

I miss going out onto my deck with MeggieDog, my knitting, and my latest audiobook and knitting happily while Meg patrols the parking lot from her lofty perch. (My deck's on the second floor of the building, so she has a superior view of the creatures below.) Last Sunday, Meg went to the living room door that opens onto the deck and whined pitifully. "I know, Puppy, I want to go out, too."

Stupid groundhog.

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