Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning

Where do the weekends go? It seems I wait all week for Friday afternoon, then suddenly it's Monday morning again! I find that as time marches on, I value my personal time more and more. I find myself getting downright GREEDY about it!

After work Friday evening, I did a couple of loads of laundry and a bit of my weekend household chores. Why this sudden burst of energy? Because I intended to devote some of my Saturday to some serious knitting. I'm working on a Christmas gift for a friend that's about 60% complete, and I feel the pressure to get it finished up soon. I really don't want to rush it up at the last minute and risk lousing it up! I'll post more about it when it's in the hands of it's intended recipient. Don't want to risk spoiling the surprise!

So yesterday (Saturday), I did manage to spend a good bit of time doing my gift knitting and watching Netflix things on TV. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon! This morning I've been finishing up my weekend stuff and will soon be going to visit Mom and Dad for a bit. I'll take my knitting along and hopefully get some more quality time with sticks and string. Daddy will most likely be watching a NASCAR race this afternoon, so that makes for good knittin' time. :-)

I can hardly believe that Halloween is a week from today. Trick-or-Treating is going to be a little scattered in my corner of the world this year. Some areas will be celebrating on Saturday, and some on Sunday. I've found that in my neighborhood, most of the parents are taking their children either to the mall or to "trunk-or-treating" at local churches. So I've not even purchased candy this year. I'll miss seeing little ones all dressed up in their little costumes, but I understand why parents choose to go to organized events instead of door-to-door trick-or-treating. It's just safer.

I'm off now to have a little lunch. Hope everyone's weekend is going well!

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