Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Adios, DWTS!

Okay, I'll start this by saying that I started watching Dancing With The Stars last season because Mom enjoys it so much and it's fun critiquing the performances with her. I kept watching it this season because I think Derek Hough is as cute as a speckled pup under a red wagon and I love watching him dance.'s.......OVER!! Things progressed about as I expected until Week 5. I was no huge fan of Florence Henderson, but HONESTLY! She was eliminated, and they left Bristol Palin on there after that horrific "jive" that started out in a gorilla suit??? Oh, puh-leeeze! I comforted myself with the knowledge that she would surely be eliminated in Week 6, and waited patiently.

Week 6: Bristol actually improved a little, but still was not giving a "performance". Who was eliminated? Audrina Patridge, who I believe should have gone to the quarterfinals at the very least.

Week 7, this week: Bristol was truly awful and wound up at the bottom of the points board. Who was eliminated? Rick Fox. RICK FOX. The man who scored a total of 61 points, putting him in a tie for second place with Kurt Warner. The man who was only 3 points under the two contenders who were tied for first place. RICK....FOX.

What on earth is the American public thinking???

So that it for me. I quit. I was already growing weary of the contrived "drama" on the series, all the scenes of weepy exhausted "stars" whining about how tough they were having it. All the "feuds" between stars and their assigned dancing pros.

Enough already. I've thought all along that they could cut out all the audience voting baloney and make this a pretty good show. But noooooooo, it turns into a popularity contest instead of a true competition based on achievement.

Can I do anything about this? No. But I don't have to subject myself to it any more. Sorry, Derek, I'll miss you lots, but I'm outta here!

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