Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Many Mondays Are There In One Week??

Another very long day....sometimes you gotta wonder if a holiday weekend is WORTH it! It is, of course, but sometimes you wonder.

I've really been impressed with my little netbook so far. I have a new chip to install in it that will double the RAM, and if I'm not too tired after dinner tonight, I'm going to go ahead and install it. I have to say that it's not bad as it is, but faster's always better, right?

Mom went in for a CT scan today and goes tomorrow to see her surgeon to schedule surgery. She has an abdominal aortic aneurysm that they've been watching for changes for a little while now. The last tests she had run showed that it has increased in size, so it's time to repair it. She doesn't seem to be worried about the surgery, just anxious to get it done and over with. I agree, and I'm glad they're going to go ahead and do the repair now while her health is good otherwise.

The surgeon is hopeful that they'll be able to make the repair by going through her femoral artery instead of doing an open abdominal incision. They'll know more after reading the results of today's CT scan, so keep your fingers crossed.

And so, I'll close this little entry in preparation of upgrading my RAM. Have a good evening, everyone!

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