Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adios, Taco Bell

I used to enjoy Taco Bell.  I never really considered it to be "Mexican food", but it was okay for fast food.  For years I was a fan of their steak taco salad.

Then they started putting rice in their taco salads.  Don't get me wrong; I actually LIKE rice.  But I don't like rice in Mexican dishes.  I especially don't like it when rice is used as a filler.  I learned that I could order a taco salad and request that the rice be omitted.  I got along with that pretty well for awhile.

Then I developed an aversion to meat.  This was a real shock to me, because I'd always loved beef.  I mean really loved it.  Anything from filet mignon to ground round.  Loved it.  But a health issue that caused me to be in severe pain for several months robbed me of my joy of meat.  Not just beef; I couldn't eat chicken any more either.  I'd been allergic to seafood for years, so I found myself depending on peanut butter and legumes to get my protein.

You'd be amazed how difficult it is to find fast food that doesn't involve either meat, chicken, or fish.  Taco Bell's bean burrito became my go-to fast food.  This afternoon I went through the drive-thru to get myself a bean burrito after a particularly rough day.  I wanted a treat.

I was happy to see a black bean burrito on the menu.  I really like black beans, and thought this sounded wonderful.  When I got home I unwrapped the paper from the burrito and took a big bite.....of mexican rice.  *bleah*

And so after years of enjoying quasi-Mexican fast food, I bid farewell to Taco Bell.

I'll miss you, Taco was fun while it lasted.

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