Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This Is Getting Just Plain Weird

Yesterday I had a couple of hours leave I needed to take or lose, so I took a couple of hours of personal leave and left at lunchtime. Randy had just bought a truck he needed to register and tag, so I took him to Blountville to take care of it.

Neither of us had eaten lunch yet, so we dropped in at a Burger King near the Clerk's Office to get a bite. I was sitting there, munching and talking to Randy, and noticed something oddly familiar about a man who was sitting with his back to me about 3 booths down and one across.

Suddenly it hit me. It was my ex-boyfriend, Jimmy. I hadn't seen him in two years, and we hadn't parted well. In spite of that, I had all intentions of speaking to him as he left. After all, things had gone well when I spoke to my ex-husband Sunday, and life IS short, so why not? As it turned out, it wasn't an issue. I saw him turn halfway around once, as if to check to see if I was still there. Then when he left, he kept his eyes strictly straight forward and didn't so much as glance at me. So, since he was obviously avoiding an encounter, I didn't speak to him. I noticed he's aged a LOT in two years; I couldn't help but enjoy that just a little. *cruel, cruel me*

I told Randy, "Did you see that man who just walked past?" He said he did, and I told him who it was. He laughed and said, "Two exes in two days. Is there anybody ELSE I should be expecting? Hey, I didn't get to meet this one!"

I told him that this one was acting like he was ashamed of himself, and if he wasn't, he SHOULD be. *LOL*

Randy called me at 8:30 last night; he'd just gotten word that the life saving crew took his mother to the hospital around 6:30. He tried to reach his siblings that had gone to the hospital with her until very late last night, and never reached anyone. He spoke to two of his brothers: one of them didn't even know she'd been taken to the hospital; the other knew she'd been taken but didn't know anything further. He spoke to one of his nieces, who told him that Irene had been unable to get out of bed. When two of her sons helped her out of bed, she was unable to walk. A nurse examined her and said she was dehydrated.

The last time I talked to Randy (about 3 hours ago), he STILL hadn't reached anyone who knew anything. For a large family, they're just awful about communication. I just hope she's okay. I wondered how she could be dehydrated when someone's with her 24/7, but Randy said they make sure she HAS water, but don't necessarily watch for her to actually DRINK it. Alzheimer's is horrendously cruel.

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