Friday, January 20, 2006

A Nice Surprise

I got a lovely surprise this morning in an e-mail account I rarely use but check via a little notification program I use. (More about the program later.) It was an e-mail from one of my first cousins, Bunny. I'm sure she probably hasn't used that nickname for years, but it's hard to escape those nicknames of childhood. We'd been out of touch for a long time, and it was just wonderful to hear from her.

I don't make New Year's resolutions (too much guilt when I break them!), but if I did, one of them would be to make a better effort to keep in touch with distant family and friends. I've lost touch with so many people. We're all too "busy". I remember when letter-writing was an art. I was always terrible at it. I had the best of intentions. I bought boxes of lovely stationery, fountain pens, sealing wax and an imprint stamp so I could press a stylish "D" into the warm sealing wax once I'd sealed the envelope. Someone would write me, I'd write back, we'd exchange a few letters, then I'd get a reply and think "I'll answer that in a day or two." Then that would be that. *sigh*

When e-mail came along, I did better. I'm still not great, but I'm better. :-)

One of my tasks to do this weekend is to get my wall calendar updated and put back up on the kitchen wall where I'll see it and deal with things. I must remember to put "Keep In Touch" on it in at least 2 slots per month so I'll write friends and family.

I'd like to think that a note from me would mean as much to someone as Bunny's note to me meant.

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