Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm a bad, bad blogger.....

I swear, I don't INTEND to be so bad at posting on my blog, honest! It just seems that life gets ahead of me sometimes....okay....MOST times.

Holidays were good. Relatively quiet, but good. On December 24 we went to visit Randy's mom (she's in a nursing home), then went to Mom & Dad's that evening for a holiday dinner with them, Bud & Daphene, and Dallas & Sue. A good time was had by all. Too much food, as always, but fun.

On Christmas Day we went to North Carolina to see Randy's granddaughters. As usual, it was loud and wild. Sky was really keyed up; Chloe was sick and cranky because she'd been up all night and was sick with a cold. After we left there, we went by Sandy & Wilton's to visit for a bit, then came back home. It's a 3-hour drive each way and we left very, very early that morning, so I was truly glad to see the end of Christmas Day!

New Year's Eve would have slipped right past us, but a car alarm went off under my bedroom window at 11:30 p.m. So, for the first time in many years I actually saw the ball drop in Times Square! *LOL*

I was off from December 24 through January 2 and really enjoyed having the time off. I can't say I accomplished a great deal, but at least I finally got some rest.

Went back to work on January 3 and things haven't let up since. I was for Martin Luther King Day on January 16, and believe it or not I NEEDED a long weekend by then.

Well, lunch break's over, so I'd better get back to work. I'm trying not to let the mess on my desk overwhelm me, but it's beginning to bug me!

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