Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ever Have One of Those Weeks?

I've been trying to get rid of a headache since last Friday.  Well, the truth is that I'd probably had it for a day or two before that, but I've become so accustomed to having a mild sinus headache that I don't even notice it until it's gone.  Winter sucks.

Yesterday I thought I'd finally shaken the headache.  I wasn't WELL, but I was much better.  Then, wouldn't you know it, I got behind a school bus on my street, and the diesel fumes touched off my headache again.

Today it's dull.....bearable but just irritating.  And first thing this morning I had to go have blood drawn for my regular checkup next week.  I have a dime-sized bruise on the inside of my elbow to prove it.  *ick*

When I got to the office I found out there'd been a minor disaster.  Nothing that can't be fixed, but bothersome none the less.  The rest of the day turned out to be a series of minor irritants.  A bit like a swarm of tiny gnats on a warm summer evening.

This may turn into an evening that involves taking a long, relaxing shower, sipping a hot mug o' tea, and slipping into bed early with my Kindle.

Oh, yes, that sounds quite lovely.  The best thing to do with a crummy day is to end it.  Good evening, all, and I'm hoping for a better tomorrow!  :-)

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