Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling Better...Finally!

This morning I got out of bed and was actually on my feet before I realized that I'd stood up without squealing in pain for the first time in almost 3 weeks! Hurray!

I've had a few twinges during the morning, but nothing like it's been for these past few weeks. I really believe it's been a bout of tendonitis in the back of my right thigh. The reason I think that's what it's been is that it has been the same kind of pain that I get when plantar fasciitis flares up occasionally in my right foot. Owie. Hurts just to think of it.

While I'm glad to be feeling better, I want to be careful not to get it cranked up again, so I'll be going about my weekend chores with great care.

I do have a lot of things to do this weekend, though, mainly because every night this week I've come home from work, soaked in a hot bath to relieve the leg pain, eaten a little supper, rubbed on Absorbine Jr., piled into bed with a heating pad, MeggieDog, my knitting, and a remote control. Needless to say, the household drudgery is sitting there waiting for me. *L*

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