Friday, April 03, 2009

A Lovely Rainy Friday

There's a soft, gentle rain falling outside, it's the last "work day" of my vacation, and my plans for the day include nothing more strenuous than a little household drudgery (VERY little), reheating leftovers for my meals, and knitting while watching movies and sipping tea. Ahhhhhhhhh. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if it was cold enough outside to burn a log in the fireplace. Oh well. Can't have everything. :-)

This has been a very restful week...I'm glad because I needed it. I should have done more housework than I've done (my walk-in closet is an absolute disaster), but I refuse to feel guilty about it. So what have I accomplished so far today? I woke up about 5:45, knitted awhile, took a shower, made the bed and have done a couple of loads of laundry. I need to do a few more household chores (cleaning out the fridge, dusting, vacuuming, etc.) but plan to spread that out over my day in 15-minute bursts.

I just don't understand people who say they are bored at home. I can always find plenty to do. All in all a lovely rainy Friday.

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