Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm Off Work This Week....and Still Knitting

I've accumulated enough leave now (after nearly 22 years) that I have to schedule my time off pretty carefully to avoid losing any leave. So, this is one of the weeks I planned to take off. It's still too cold at night to go camping. If I went, I'd have to stay in the tent huddled next to a heater. If I have to do that, I might as well stay home!

So, I've managed to stay occupied all the same. I SHOULD be doing some cleaning, but instead I spent Monday out shopping with Mom. Yesterday I spent recovering from shopping....*L* I didn't really do much other than work on the sock I'm knitting. I'm making progress, though. I took the photo above when I woke up this morning.

Today I did a little more shopping at Wal-Mart while having my car serviced. Then I went to Sam's to pick up a few items, stopped for Chinese take-out and headed home. I spent the afternoon in the recliner with Meg and my knitting needles. I dozed for a bit, but didn't really take a good nap. I have a feeling I'll be ready for bedtime when it finally gets here!

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