Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dreary, Damp and Cold

Okay, maybe it's not COLD, but definitely much cooler than it was Saturday! It's down around the freezing mark right now, and so help me, last Saturday it was shirt-sleeve weather here! Sheesh. Must be March.

Today would be a perfect "pile up in the recliner and knit" kind of day. *big pitiful sigh* But here I am, typing into my blog during my lunch break at work.

I have so many things I want to do at home, but by the time I do the things that HAVE to be done, I'm out of time.....not to mention out of energy! Oh well. I'll get them done eventually. Even if I have to do them 15 minutes at a time as FlyLady.com teaches me. *LOL*

I guess I really need to make a "To Do" list and work my way through it. I remember that many years ago I had a pastor whose wife was a notorious list-maker. I always loved that the first item on each of her lists was "1. Make a list" so that as soon as she finished, she had one item she could check off. Isn't that neat?

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