Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yucky Cold

At last I'm nearly over a cold that laid me low over the weekend and into the first of the week! Not the flu, thank goodness, just a nasty yucky cold. Stuffy head, fever, achy body....the works. I was home from work Monday and Tuesday but went back yesterday, even though I still didn't feel completely well. Today's much better than yesterday, though. I think (knock wood) I'm pretty well over it.

It's Race Week in my little corner of the world.....sheeeeeeeesh. Ah, the joys of living in a town with a NASCAR track! The traffic is so much worse than usual, and forget trying to get into a restaurant until all the race fans leave town. The good news is that 1) it gives a boost to the local economy, and 2) it only happens twice a year! *LOL*

So my big plans for the weekend will be to dodge as much of the crowd as I can. Shaping up to be a pretty good knitting weekend, eh? :-)

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