Saturday, March 20, 2010

Race Weekend

It's race weekend in my little corner of the world....two weekends each year, our town is host to a NASCAR race. We're home of the "world's fastest half-mile", which draws many visitors to town.

Grocery stores, department stores, malls, restaurants, and most other public gathering places are difficult to get into as the parking lots fill with vehicles from near and far. Campgrounds and motels fill to capacity. Local merchants have a good week.

Residents like myself make sure we don't need anything from Wal-Mart or the grocery store and stay off local streets as much as we can, leaving them to the thousands of race fans temporarily in our midst.

My plans? I'm not a NASCAR fan, so today I've done some household chores and some knitting. Tomorrow I'll wait for the race fans to make their way to the track, then drive down to visit Mom and Dad for awhile. Thankfully, I'm still improving after my bout with that terrible cold, so I think it'll be safe to go visit them tomorrow. I have a few lingering joint aches, but that's probably from inactivity as much as anything.

Have you heard about the Live Owl Nest Box Cam? Check it out to see Molly the barn owl; she's currently caring for 5 eggs which should be hatching owlets any time now.

Well, back to knitting....I've got a project I need to finish up this afternoon and need to get a second one started. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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