Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Missing Someone I Never Knew

I just read on "Not Martha" (a favorite site that I read almost daily) that Leslie Harpold has passed away. Reports say that she died alone (probably of bronchitis), and that her mother found her on Sunday.

A couple of years ago I followed a link from "Not Martha" to Leslie's Advent Calendar, which has been bookmarked on my computer ever since.

It became a holiday tradition for me. I looked forward to clicking a new link on the calendar each day; each link led to holiday games, recipes, reminisces.

I noticed that the calendar hadn't been updated since December 7, but just assumed that a busy holiday schedule may have delayed the update. When I read of her passing, I felt a sense of loss. I'm sure that across the internet, this sense of loss is felt by many.

Fare thee well, Leslie Harpold, and thank you for the lovely holiday memories you evoked for me.

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