Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Three More Days....

Just three working days until *drumroll please* CHRISTMAS BREAK! And, boy am I ready for it!

I had an awful time at work yesterday getting people to do what they should have done already without being asked. Which slowed up my getting what I needed to do finished. I'd hoped to wrap up the last of the keyed transactions yesterday, but couldn't get enough source information to finish. Dang it.

That means I won't get to finish keying until today. Drat. Drat. DRAT.

*taking a deep breath* *holding it* *releasing it slowly*

So, off to work. With a BIG thermos of coffee. *LOL*

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Kris said...

Just a day and a half for me...

Not that this has been a big working week for me. In fact...today (Thursday) will be the FIRST day all week that I've worked more than 2 hours a day. *LOL*

I was off sick Monday and Tuesday and went home early yesterday to be with Louise because she was home.

A very interesting week indeed!

We're both MUCH better now though! :)

And now I have to wake Freya up so she can go back to bed and I can go to work!

*trying to do better about commenting*