Monday, December 25, 2006

What a Great Holiday!

It's been a really great Christmas. Saturday night I talked to Kris and El (Sunday morning their time). I would have loved for them to have been able to be here for Christmas, but at least I get to talk to them. *hugging Skype*

Sunday evening Mom and Dad came to my apartment for Christmas Eve. We had some goodies (cranberry meatballs, ham ball, veggies and dip, ribbon salad, pumpkin muffins) and exchanged gifts. I had hoped to be able to have a fire in the fireplace for Christmas Eve, but it was too warm for that. I'd have hated to have a fire and run the air conditioning at the same time!

I went to Mom and Dad's for Christmas dinner. We were joined by friends and had a wonderful day. Too much food, but after all, it was CHRISTMAS! *LOL* We had roast chicken, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, potato salad, cole slaw, cranberry relish, green beans, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and rolls. Desserts included red velvet cake and carrot cake. I'll be paying for that for days, no doubt!

When I got home, it was obvious that MeggieDog had slept all afternoon. She was very happy to have me home, though. :-)

One of the Christmas gifts I received was a kit to grow an amaryllis. I thought it would be interesting (since I have a notorious failure rate with living plants) to post a blog with the progress. You can find "The Amaryllis Project" by clicking here.

Well, I'm full of holiday food and Meg's wanting to hit the hay, so I think I'll put my jammies on and watch TV in bed for awhile. What a wonderful Christmas this has been!

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