Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday, Monday

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist Friday (Type II diabetic, y'know) and got good news/notasgood news. Good news: I'd lost another 11 pounds. Without really trying. Hopefully when I start actually TRYING it'll be more. *LOL* Notasgood news: My blood pressure was up a little. Not dangerous, but up. My guess is that the unusual stress of the last month or so is the culprit. Could also be that I had to rush terribly to get out of the office in time to make my appointment.

So, added to my ToDo List:
  1. Start paying serious attention to diet and exercise. Especially exercise.
  2. Stress management techniques I've been taught in CommonHealth classes must be put in place.
This will be a fairly stressful week at work, but it will be a short one, thank goodness. After I make it through Thursday, I'm off until January 3. YAY!

And when I return on the 3rd, the new fiscal assistant will be coming in to work. That will help, too.

Speaking of work, time to hit the shower and get ready.

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