Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vacation - Day 5

This has been a great vacation so far...doing nothing really big, but lots of little things. My kind of "rest and recharge the batteries" vacation!

Yesterday was my busiest day of the week so far. I needed to get my car serviced, so off I went to my local Wal-Mart. While they were changing the oil and rotating my tires, I did some shopping. Nothing exciting, just lots of "must have" household items.

I was scheduled to visit a friend at 11:30 to help her set up her new wireless printer. When I finished at Wal-Mart I still had some time to kill, so I visited the Dollar Tree. It always amazes me how many things you can buy there for $1. I didn't buy much of anything,but it's a fun thing to do once in awhile.

Next stop was Office Depot to pick up a few things. I'd bought myself a beautiful Cross pen and pencil set a couple of months ago, and yesterday I found that Office Depot had sets on sale at a really good price. So, I picked up another set to take to the office. I can always find something to buy at Office Depot. :-)

By then it was time to go to my friend's house. She'd recently bought herself a terrific Dell laptop and wireless printer, and we had the printer set up and going very quickly. Gotta love Dell!

She asked if I could help set up her e-mail program, because she didn't want to use her provider's webmail system. I hadn't set up an e-mail program in a long time, and things had changed a bit! *LOL* For instance, I learned that Windows 7 does not come with an e-mail program. How weird is THAT? But, I found Windows Mail on her system, which is quite similar to the old Outlook Express. It took me several tries to get the setting right, but after a bit I did manage to get it up and running.

After I left there I stopped to pick up take-out Chinese (beef and broccoli lunch special with hot 'n sour soup....yum!) then stopped by Goodwill to drop off a couple of bags of clothing culled from my overstuffed closet.

Next stop was my apartment manager's office to visit a bit and sign next year's lease. I picked up my mail, hauled all my purchases into the apartment, and collapsed into the recliner to call Mom. Then I made a call to my great-aunt (99 years old....isn't that wonderful?) to ask if I could come visit her this afternoon. She said that would be fine, so I'll be headed to her home (very near by) a little later to sit and knit and visit awhile. Should be lots of fun....she's a really interesting lady!

Had I told you that she crochets things from recycled plastic grocery bags? She inspired me to try it, and I've made a rug for my tent and a tote bag. I have lots of bags stockpiled but have been so busy knitting that I've not crocheted in awhile now. That reminds me that I must pull out my rug to take it to show her.

Off to find my rug!


barbie crafts said...

Have always wanted to try the bag crochet...

Dava said...

It's a little time-consuming getting the bags cut and ready, but it's a fun thing to do. I've not done it in awhile (been busy with knitting), but I learned a lot about it and got some free patterns at this website: She has instructions for cutting the bags and making the "plarn" (plastic yarn). There's also a group on Ravelry you should check out called "Alternative Yarn".