Friday, April 30, 2010

Vacation - Day 7

Wouldn't it be great if the work week zipped by at the same speed vacation weeks disappear? I'll try not to gripe, though, because it's been a really good week. In this post I'll tell you what I've done since my last blog update.

On Wednesday afternoon I went to visit my great-aunt Orpha. That's not a typo...her name is Orpha. Pretty neat, huh? She's my paternal grandfather's sister, and she's 99 years old. Isn't that just wonderful? She's bright and interesting, and I just love to talk to her. She crochets and knits (mostly crochet) and makes all kinds of wonderful things. We had a great afternoon, and when I left, she gave me a dishtowel that she'd crocheted a border onto and a couple of crocheted coasters. I really enjoyed my afternoon with her.

Yesterday I left home bright and early and went to Mom and Dad's house. It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny. We left their house at 7:00 and went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast (yum!), then headed for Pigeon Forge. I took a sock-knitting project along for the trip. I've always been notoriously susceptible to motion sickness and have never been able to read in the car. But for some weird reason, I'm able to knit while riding with no ill effect at all! Strange. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try it on two-lane road, but on interstate, I'm fine. It certainly helps pass the time, and I got a little over an hour's knitting done!

Our first stop was the Titanic museum. Like most Pigeon Forge attractions it's a little pricey to visit, but we spent over 2 hours in there enjoying the exhibits! We were there at the same time as a couple of school groups and a tour group of senior citizens, but the museum is so large and well-designed that we were still able to view all the displays at our leisure. It was a greally interesting attraction, and I'd recommend it if you're going to be in the area.

By the time we came out of the museum, we were ready for lunch and went to ... another Cracker Barrel! *LOL* When Mom asked if I'd mind going back to Cracker Barrel, I told her "Shoot, no, I can ALWAYS find something to eat at a Cracker Barrel!"

From there we went to one of the outlet malls where I found a few little things I needed on sale at the Coleman store. No, really they were LITTLE $2 and under, honest! :-) Mom found a few things at Bon Worth, and we headed for Vanity Fair. By that time, I was beginning to run out of steam. I found a pair of slacks and a couple of blouses, then told Mom I was going to head back to the car where Daddy was waiting. (He's not a big shopper...*LOL*)

While we waited for her (she didn't take long), I knitted some more on my socks I'd taken along for the trip. When she finished shopping, we headed back home. I was tired, but it was a really great day.

On the agenda for today is nothing terribly exciting. I want to get my household drudgery out of the way today and will get my home desk chores done. Since I'm up early today, I hope to get everything finished in time to knit out on the balcony in the sunshine a good while this afternoon.

I have an appointment tomorrow mid-morning to have my hair trimmed, then will visit with Mom and Dad for a bit. Plans for Sunday? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I want to spend that whole day resting, knitting, and recharging my batteries for going back to work (ptui!) on Monday.

As for now, it's still too early to be making much noise doing housework (I'm a considerate apartment dweller), so I think I'll knit a bit.

Life is good. :-)

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