Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter morning is bright and beautiful in my little corner of the world....I hope you have a lovely day, too!

Kris is now home from the hospital, thank goodness. She's still having a lot of pain, but is otherwise doing well. I'm so grateful that her surgery went so well, and I'm VERY happy that the procedure is finished and behind her now. Once she's healed from the surgery, she should feel so much better than she has for AGES.

One of Daddy's first cousins is having a family gathering this afternoon, and we've been invited. I'm so glad that the weather's going to be so nice for it. Should be fun, and it will be great to be able to be outdoors on a bright, sunny afternoon. (Those of us who spend so much time in offices with no windows during the week have a great appreciation for time spent outdoors. *LOL*) I knitted a couple of dishcloths to take to her, but I'll post about those on my knitting blog (see link to the right).

The narcissus in the photo is growing in Mom and Dad's front yard. The usually have their little faces upright and facing the sun, but the wind was really whipping around while I was snapping photos. So the narcissus seem to be a bit shy in these pictures. :-)

Well, I'd better get up from here and do a few things before heading out. Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!

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