Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Week Off

When my alarm went off as usual at 5:30 this morning, I did the same thing I do every morning: I smacked the snooze bar and spent the next few moments trying to determine what day of the week this is. Happily, I quickly remembered that it's Saturday....the first day of my WEEK OFF! *happy dance*

I had actually meant to shut off the alarm last night (or at least change the wake-up time to a bit later), but forgot. Oh well. At least I got a little head start on the household drudgery.

I'm a apartment dweller, so I try to be considerate of my neighbors on weekend mornings. So, I spent the first 45 minutes of my day reading a bit in "Yarn Harlot: Secret Life of a Knitter" which I found dirt cheap at Amazon. It's gently used, and in really good condition. I'd sworn I was going to stop buying books, but dang it, it's Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She's FUNNY, okay?

Then I changed my bedding, sorted some laundry, photographed my newest yarn stash additions that arrived yesterday, and settled in to take my Scrabble turns in Facebook and update the ol' blog.

In another hour or so I'll be comfortable about starting "noisy" work such as laundry, vacuuming, and such. Which means I have an hour in which I can post my stash photos, update the knitting blog, sip coffee, and loaf a bit.

The weather forecast for today is a little grim (showers, thunderstorms, severe thunderstorms), so my afternoon plans involve knitting and watching my latest Netflix DVD "The Lovely Bones".

Not bad....not bad at all. :-)

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barbie crafts said...

I think I have listened to an podcast by yarn harlot lady....trying to was on blackberry...have a wonderful vacation...